Creating your Local Repository

Tihomir R. Todorov

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Open a new command prompt (Winkey + R then type cmd) and run mvn3. You should see the following:

This call create a folder .m2 in your user folder. Go to the folder (cd %USERPROFILE%\.m2) -> remove the repository folder (rmdir repository /S /Q) -> create a file settings.xml (notepad settings.xml) -> confirm with Yes -> and insert the following xml content in the notepad editor.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



      <host>your proxy host</host>
      <port>your port number</port>
      <username>your username</username>
      <password>your password</password>
      <nonProxyHosts> | localhost</nonProxyHosts>

      <name>My Maven 3 Repo</name>



Well, you have created now your local repository! You can find the repository folder called my-repo in C:\Portable\maven.